Public Works

The City’s Street Department works diligently to ensure the streets and public areas of Carlisle are safe and well-kept. The Water/Wastewater Department strives to protect the public’s health through providing clean water and maintaining public sewage sanitation.

From street repairs to sewer cleaning, Public Works is one of the many departments integral to keeping Carlisle running smoothly every day.

The tasks listed under each department below are just a sample of the many tasks each department deals with regularly.

Street Department

Street repairs/pothole patching

Street sweeping


Street sign maintenance

Pavement marking (parking stalls/crosswalks)

Right-of-way mowing

Water Department

Daily plant and distribution system operations

Maintain four wells

Perform pump maintenance

Install and read water meters

Flush fire hydrants

Maintain the City’s GIS

Utility Locates

Sewer Department

Daily plant and collection system operation and maintenance

Oversees the city’s sewer cleaning program

Performs inspections and maintenance on the City’s four sewage pumping stations

Maintains the Avon Lake lower pressure sewer system